Interesting vegetables. Creative minglings.
Done right.

This was the goal going in. To make vegetables relevant, delicious, healthy and, dare we say, exciting? Tommy Williams saw a need for frozen vegetables that take back their healthy names without giving up convenience. These are the veggies you’ve always known with seasonings and couplings you may not. Nothing saucy, heavy or laden with salt because guess what?

asparagus with speech bubble iconWhen you let the veggies do the talking they have so many wonderful things to say.Tweet This

Through trial and error, we truly tried it all to find the most unique and complementary blends so you can enjoy vegetables seasoned with their very best, most harmonizing counterparts. And we’ve created so many, you can literally have a different taste every single night. Or find your favorite and let the obsession settle in.

Please follow the preferred cooking instructions for the optimal veggie result, because these dishes know what they like; some like to be put in the oven, others on the stove and some like to be steamed in their own goodness in the microwave. Follow Tommy’s lead and get ready to be in love with veggies again. We’ve done the work, so you can just enjoy.

Heat. Eat. Repeat. Welcome to Tommy’s Superfoods.

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